Wednesday, June 4, 2008

girl's night

I know - I've talked about being busy before. And I wasn't kidding, or exaggerating then. But it just has NOT slowed down!
I'm sure it's because we're pretty social beings. We like hanging out with friends and watching all the kids play together and have fun. We (SM & I) also like trying to find time to just hang out together, try to have a conversation, remember why we like each other and put each other through the ringer every day. Then there's "Girl's Night" (or Boy's Night when they finally get around to scheduling it). Those are too few and far between, and too short every time. What is it about having children that has suddenly made being with my girlfriends so important?! It's really amazing. I mean, if I had my choice, I'd still choose to spend time with SM - it's impossible to get good quality time with him so it's definitely first choice. But considering that it's quite a bit easier to just ask him to babysit than try to coordinate babysitter/grandparent's/Parent'sNightOut - the girl's nights are easier and F.U.N.
A group of us went to see Sex and the City last Friday - along with nearly every other female in the city - and it was great. I think the reason it resonated so well with me was because I (and my girls) am THE target market. We're all mid/late thirties, all love the city (yes, I still wish we'd been able to make the NYC move a few years ago...) and all have "issues"/"baggage" whatever... and being with your girlfriends really helps. They listen, they b*tch and moan, they get catty whenever it's required, they offer great shoulders to laugh or cry on.
It's night's like those that make me wish for more girl's nights, and movie's like those that make me happy to have the SM that I have.
I'm pretty sure this is like the millionth blog entry about how great girl's night is since SATC opened, but since I'm a recent "convert" to the whole concept - so I'm adding to the madness.
And can I just say - SJP was MADE to play that role. She IS Carrie, even if she really isn't.
I hope they make more.
I like girl's night.

until next time...
cheers ladies