Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the bus tunnel is ruining christmas

Seriously, what kind of computer glitches can cause a whole bus tunnel to close?
If you've ever been to Pioneer Square in Seattle, you'd know that it's a decent hike from there to the Market. This walk is no big deal, and even kind of nice in the summer. However, in the winter, it's just wet.
I celebrated and celebrated when the bus tunnel re-opened. Since I work in the Smith Tower, it's super-convenient to hop into the tunnel and one-stop to the ID, two-stops to either the Market or Pacific Place to shop or eat.
It's perfect this time of year because parking anywhere downtown is terrifying and running out at lunch is great.
But now the tunnel is closed.
I really need to get my shopping done.

until next time...
please tunnel - open up soon!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

grandad, next year we light up the boat

This weekend was a pretty full one. I hosted an semi-impromptu company party at our house (company christmas party discussion coming soon...), had brunch with my family and our friends so all the kiddos could get a look at grandad's Christmas Village (which has like 50 buildings, a hundred trees and totally rocks) had a great date night (that was supposed to be SM's company party, we'll add this to the aforementioned discussion) with friends and saw possibly the best movie of the year, and to top it ALL off, we picked up some Ezell's (yes Oprah's Ezell's) drove around searching out all the Christmas lights on North Capitol Hill, picked up some friends and headed down to the lake to look at and listen to the Christmas Ship parade.
It was pouring rain, of course, but we found a very illegal parking spot (with 5 others) huddled together in the van and opened up the windows and watched. Turns out, and I have NO idea how we've missed this every year until now, that an Argosy ship lights up and packs in some singers, musicians and diners, and heads back and forth around Lake Washington. Along the way, all the folks with lights on their boats (and some without) trail along behind to create the parade. It was fantastic. The kids loved seeing the boats and hearing the music (we even sang along on a couple) and plans were immediately made to figure out the next time we could see the boats. Our favorite - a Chris Craft with icicle lights on all levels (3 I think) a christmas tree on top and santa, sleigh and reindeer along the bow. BEAUTIFUL.
I'm now hatching the plan for next year, Grandad decks the boat out in lights and follow that parade around from the lake!
can't wait
until next time...
LOVIN' the holidays :O)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

flood washington with relief!

We had an amazing amount of flooding last week after all the slushy snow was topped with heavy heavy rains.
There's one daring young mamma out there hoping to help those who lost the fight against mother nature.
Please visit her site and help in any way you can...

An excerpt:
"I spent yesterday demolishing a single mother’s home in hopes of saving it. The main floor of her small house was filled with muddy contaminated water during this week’s record-breaking flood in western Washington. Apparently the water rose so fast that she and her 3 children were unable to get home and move their belongings from the main floor to safety...."

until next time...
stay dry

Monday, December 10, 2007

santa and reindeer and lemurs... OH MY!

Yesterday was possibly the most idyllically wonderful chrstmas celebration day. We "braved" the early-morning snowfall and went to the highlands to the Cougar Mountain Zoo for the Reindeer Festival. It was snowing as we walked through the reindeer habitat on our way up to see Santa. Baby Bear decided he wasn't going to offer Santa any hints into what he might want for Christmas since his 5-yr-old friend had decided the same thing moments earlier. He'd already written to Santa, so Santa should already know what's on his list... sly little kiddos! The Diva was not really prepared to get handed off to a bearded guy in a big red suit, so she wasn't exactly smiling, but Baby Bear smiled away, which was nice. So then we went out to see the animals. "again tiger, again tiger" - she loved the baby bengal tigers.
The highlight, however, was not Santa, nor his reindeer, nor the crazy-loud jumping lemurs (those were SM's highlight) - it was being able to hand-feed the alpacas and elk. Too cool.
For a little zoo, it does pretty well with the 1-5yr old crowd, especially when you get there early on a snowy Sunday morning.
until next time....
we heart the Cougar Mountain Zoo!

Friday, December 7, 2007

the decorations are sloooowly going up

We finally got our Christmas Tree this week. We all went out to dinner and then went to City People's to get our tree. After walking around a bit in the forest (which was really starting to creep Milo out by the way... we're raising such city kids!) we found the prettiest tree. It's a Fraser Fir. The tops of the needles are a dark green and the bottoms are silver. It's a beauty! It's also tall and a bit skinny, so it doesn't take up the whole room... which is nice. We got it home on Wednesday, SM was out of town last night but somehow I got the kids to chill out long enough to get all the lights up ("Mommy, when is it gonna be time to put up ornaments?" @ 25 times later) and the first ornaments are ON! All the cars ornaments are up, of course, and a couple others. We've also already had a few fall down already, in the process, but no breakables. he he
I've been a lame blogger lately, but I've finally transitioned back to my "happy place" and should have more time for blogging. At least, after the crazy season is over, right? Besides, I think this is a good time for a "Company Party" discussion. Next entry maybe.

until next time...
happy crazy season!