Friday, December 7, 2007

the decorations are sloooowly going up

We finally got our Christmas Tree this week. We all went out to dinner and then went to City People's to get our tree. After walking around a bit in the forest (which was really starting to creep Milo out by the way... we're raising such city kids!) we found the prettiest tree. It's a Fraser Fir. The tops of the needles are a dark green and the bottoms are silver. It's a beauty! It's also tall and a bit skinny, so it doesn't take up the whole room... which is nice. We got it home on Wednesday, SM was out of town last night but somehow I got the kids to chill out long enough to get all the lights up ("Mommy, when is it gonna be time to put up ornaments?" @ 25 times later) and the first ornaments are ON! All the cars ornaments are up, of course, and a couple others. We've also already had a few fall down already, in the process, but no breakables. he he
I've been a lame blogger lately, but I've finally transitioned back to my "happy place" and should have more time for blogging. At least, after the crazy season is over, right? Besides, I think this is a good time for a "Company Party" discussion. Next entry maybe.

until next time...
happy crazy season!

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