Monday, April 28, 2008

what a mariners weekend!

We had tickets for BOTH the Friday Night AND Sunday Mariners games this weekend (and yes, those were the 2 of 3 against the A's that they lost) and what a fun time we had!


We picked the kids up from school and headed down to Pioneer Square to park in my garage. Once we got there, however, we realized 2nd & James is actually a pretty far walk for a 2 & 4year old, so when we spotted the pedicabs we decided to hop on and enjoy the ride.

Roxie enjoyed hanging out and playing with her new necklace from Morgan & Mikes.

 We were all pretty bundled up, it was a night-game and although it started out sunny, it was super cold by the time we left - @ the end of the 6th.

 By Sunday's game, it was much nicer outside and we arrived in plenty of time for the kids to get their Felix Hernandez jerseys... woo hoo!
I've decided to let go of the fact that we missed the Ichiro bobblehead. It's just a bobblehead after all, and we had a blast.

Add in a birthday party on Saturday morning, hanging out and dinner with my folks on Saturday night and had friends over for brunch Sunday morning and that equals one BUSY WEEKEND!

It was great and filled with family time.

so until next time...
rest at the office during the week for big weekends at home

Friday, April 25, 2008

some days I just wanna buy EVERYTHING

It all started this morning when I was glancing through yesterday's mail and found an IKEA ad mailer. It was for kitchens, so of course, even though we already have a brand-new IKEA remodeled kitchen, I found a BUNCH OF STUFF I "NEED"! (I even had to go back and make myself add those "" around NEED... it's a sickness!)
Then I hop online to work and take a gander at all my standard RSS feeds.
More "NEED"s:
First set thanks to Cool Mom Picks

Hoodie Animal Towels

Sweeeeet Tattoo shirts that come with tattoos!

Most creative way yet to collect your child's art (which we now have a TON of and our oldest isn't even 5 yet!).

And don't even get me started about all their amazing picks for Mother's Day - too bad only the Moms read the blog!
Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Guide

Then I move on to droolicious where I find:
EXCELLENT new FLOR tiles coming available... just in time for our 2nd floor remodel.

And the diaper caddy to end all diaper changing tables!
I know my kids are getting old enough to be out of diapers soon - but for some reason I NEED that diaper caddy. We haven't even had a changing table in the house for more than 6 months - they generally become useless once your little worm starts to wiggle...

I'm sure if I read any of the "spam" I get emailed to me everyday I'll find a million other things to buy - and I better stay FAR away from Angie's blog since she's my new fashion guru goddess and I'm powerless to her commands.
I guess I'll just have to work instead...

until next time...
happy friday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the babe is 2

Yesterday Roxie turned 2 years old. I keep wondering if that's why I've been so weepy and pensive lately, it's hard to tell. It's really amazing to me that she's already 2. I really feel like (and I was just talking to a girlfriend about this today whose son is nearly 1) it was just a moment ago that we were dealing with the "aftermath" of her birth and the absolute JOLT we encountered with the addition of another child.
Having two children is incredibly difficult and BUSY. Thank goodness you get more than double the return!
Amazing what a couple years can do...

We've had quite a fun couple of days, and we haven't even had her party yet. (Note to self: Have the party BEFORE the big day rather than after... it's kind of a buzzkill this way...) We celebrated a couple other birthdays this past weekend though, so she really enjoyed that. What a blast. Her special flower balloons from Red Balloon C. again and LOVES them.

and that's what birthdays are alllllll about

until next time...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

illin like bob dillin

It's the classic story.
Mom gets busy, kids get busy, kids get sick, husband goes out of town, Mom gets S.I.C.K!
Luckily the kids are, so far, being pretty awesome. I think Milo fell asleep after I did, but he didn't complain about it too much, just required his light to be a little brighter than normal since he was scared of the dark. Couldn't have been the "Ben 10" comic he was reading while falling asleep, certainly not!
The little Diva is doing ok. She only woke up once and wasn't awake too long, and then slept through 'til 6am - which totally works for me (except when I'm sick - but beggars...).
Everything is ramping up it seems.
We're trying to catch up with friends because we just never see them enough. We even had my parents babysit overnight this weekend, but ended up staying home since I was sick and SM was getting ready to leave. So we're scheduling babysitters for the next couple of weekends - I'm still trying to take my Dad to see the Spiderwick Chronicles and hoping it's still in theaters - and visit with friends who are very fun, but don't have kids so they're not as easy to take to Red Robin ;o).
Plus we have Roxie's bday to plan, Milo's bday to plan, a 40th party to attend, a shower for Roxie's teacher to plan (and booties to knit)...
wahooo, no wonder time flies!
time for more cold meds
until next time...
c'mon spring, hurry up!