Tuesday, April 1, 2008

illin like bob dillin

It's the classic story.
Mom gets busy, kids get busy, kids get sick, husband goes out of town, Mom gets S.I.C.K!
Luckily the kids are, so far, being pretty awesome. I think Milo fell asleep after I did, but he didn't complain about it too much, just required his light to be a little brighter than normal since he was scared of the dark. Couldn't have been the "Ben 10" comic he was reading while falling asleep, certainly not!
The little Diva is doing ok. She only woke up once and wasn't awake too long, and then slept through 'til 6am - which totally works for me (except when I'm sick - but beggars...).
Everything is ramping up it seems.
We're trying to catch up with friends because we just never see them enough. We even had my parents babysit overnight this weekend, but ended up staying home since I was sick and SM was getting ready to leave. So we're scheduling babysitters for the next couple of weekends - I'm still trying to take my Dad to see the Spiderwick Chronicles and hoping it's still in theaters - and visit with friends who are very fun, but don't have kids so they're not as easy to take to Red Robin ;o).
Plus we have Roxie's bday to plan, Milo's bday to plan, a 40th party to attend, a shower for Roxie's teacher to plan (and booties to knit)...
wahooo, no wonder time flies!
time for more cold meds
until next time...
c'mon spring, hurry up!

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