Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekends Rule!

How is it that weekends can be so short, so much fun and so healing?
This was a great weekend. I finished Harry Potter on Friday (2 days before Smate was able to finish, which was AGONIZING!). We had swim lessons on Saturday followed by brunch at one of Milo's schoolmates' house who is in the same class, which ended in her trying to hide Milo under her bed so that he wouldn't have to go home. Then family naptime (woo hoo!) and a lovely dinner with our neighbors, an amazing cook! Then Sunday was family day. Group Grocery shopping, more family naptime, bike ride/walk and swimming in the kiddie pool/hot tub that ended up being too cold!
What a great time though - we were able to have some individual time, adult-only time and tons of family time all in a span of 2 days.
I feel like there must be a way to do that more than to days a week.
Hence the wandering....
hello monday

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today - one more thing I can't live without

Darn those Pottery Barn folks! They really do have some of the cutest things for kids, it's just impossible to afford it all. This time, however, I find myself coming up with a thousand excuses as to why I need, not just one, but 2 of these fantabulous sleeping bags!
Granted, the reason I need 2 is not just because 1 just isn't enough, but because I have 2 kiddos, and if one gets it, shouldn't the other?

And it to the list of amazing things showing up on the internet these days. Just spend 2 minutes on Cool Mom Picks and you'll know what I mean. The best part of most of this stuff (aside from PBK) is that there are MOMS MAKING IT!

It's all absoutely inspiring me. I have been knitting booties for friends' babies and even did a skirt for Roxie that's killing me it's so fun. Stay tuned.... Maybe this will turn into "Knitting Mamma".

Little Bio

I realized this morning that I have been wandering along with this blog (as well as other things) and you don't know much about me - or why I'm wandering/wondering about.
It's not a new story really. I have a feeling most working mothers out there search for that balance between work, kiddos, friends, partners and themselves. So I have a mind that wanders around, trying to figure out how to do it all. Another un-original theme.
A friend of mine writes a blog called "Happily Even After" where she refers to her husband as "Mr. R" for Mister Right. I love it. I have thus far referred to my husband and partner as "hubby" but somehow that seems degrading, probably for both of us.
WAY back in 1993 (yes, that's '93, not '03) when we met, we fell in love in the bar we both worked at during a conversation about Soul Mates. We'd basically both had decent breakups but had gotten to the "optimistic" phase, declaring that even while we are able to Love more than one person in our lifetime - but we all have one true Soul Mate. I do believe I'm lucky enough to have married my Soul Mate. So from now on, I'll be referring to my husband as SM in this blog - or SMate, occasionally, cuz that sounds like smeat and we're suckers for WaterWorld. hee
After college SM and I moved from Indiana to Montana. Suffice it to say that it was there, in the BEAUTIFUL land that is Montana, we realized we were city folk and within a year were living in Seattle - the nearest city. We've never left, in fact, we've convinced my parents to move out here, which led my Grandmother to leave here as well - with them. This means my 2 kiddos get to spend loads of time with their "Grandma, Grandad and Great Lil" and this has been absolutely priceless.
I think that's going to have to be all for now. I hope this is a good read, for some to make you feel better about your own situation, and for some to give you something to look forward to.
good luck moms (and dads and well - everyone these days)
I'll leave you with a quote I saw in someone's email signature earlier today
"Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle".
hear hear

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A case of the mondays.....

Holy cow did I have a case of the mondays this week! First, started off leaving my machine at home and didn't realize the mistake until physically openning the door to the office. Brilliant.
Turned around and went home - just worked from there.
Then - I download some sort of virus which rendered my machine totally useless for a couple of hours. This was not the intended plan of the day.
Then we went to pick up the kids. The Little Man was very excited, he had his face painted to look like a blue hedgehog - Sonic of course. The Empress was so happy to see me she jumped up and "ran" to the door as soon as I walked in. It doesn't necessarily make the work day worth it, but at least it makes getting to the end of a work day that much more pleasureable.

Here's to being one day closer to Friday!

Friday, July 20, 2007

hi hubby, how are you? and who are you again?

The hubby and I used to work together, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, of course. Way way back before kids. We used to look forward to the day when we didn't work together anymore so at night we'd have something to talk about. Well, be careful what you wish for...
These days, life is only slightly different. These days, when we actually have the 2.5 seconds to have an all-adult conversation - it feels alot like we're speaking to each other in togues. We both work in the tech industry - this is Seattle after all - and we're both pretty geeky when it comes to gadgets and things, but we're literally speaking greek to each other these days. And now is when it really counts. Each seemingly stolen moment we have for each other is more and more precious and most of the time I don't want to "waste" it by talking about work. Not to mention the fact that right now I'm pretty sure we're getting more than enough of work AT work.
That means all of our conversations turn to the kids, and isn't that what we're trying NOT to talk about for 2 minutes. *sigh* So then there's tv, of course, so we geek out together watching BattleStar Galactica (how we weren't watching this from the beginning we'll never know). It's kinda sad we need tv to reconnect, but it brings us together in the way we used to oh so many years ago.
We also got a Wii. What a WONDER that is. It's so much fun it's impossible to put into words. But to give you an idea - it's a way to get sweaty playing tennis with your S.O. and still have the monitor on and be able to hear the kids when they wake up.
But every once in a while, if we try really hard, we can sit down and talk, really talk.
Lovely reminders that we actually like each other, enjoy each other's company, and might never be tired of talking to each other - even if it is about the Mariners or the original Apollo having a cameo appearance on BSG.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blogging official

I do believe it's time... I've been writing in my head ever since my son (my first child) was born in '03 so let's get it out of my head in into the air.

Life with two children has been incredible, in every sense of the word. Incredibly hard, incredibly rewarding, incredibly tiring, incredibly inspiring.

The other day, a male friend of mine was joking about the fact that, even though happily married and having a wonderful 2-yr old baby girl, he still finds himself keeping tabs on all the pretty young girls in the celebrity world, and is pretty sure he always will. My response was... instead of looking at hot guys these days, I spend my time looking at all the celebrity babies. What are they wearing, how cute are they, how happy they look with their famous mommas and poppas. Strange the things motherhood do to a gal.

I'm also trying to get back in touch with my creative side. I'm loving all the sites now that are either written by Moms or show things made by Moms. I'm linking to my favorites - it's totally distracting me but I just can't help it. I'd love to have one of those sites myself - just gotta find the time...

Monday, July 16, 2007

So much to do... So little time...

I feel like that statement, although true for all parents, is particularly true for Mothers. How on earth is there enough time to be with your child(ren), have quality time with your partner, run a household, try to get your body back (and MAINTAIN it), read, watch tv/movies, cook (and not just mac-n-cheese), work, AND find time to work on your creative side? Impossible... perhaps