Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today - one more thing I can't live without

Darn those Pottery Barn folks! They really do have some of the cutest things for kids, it's just impossible to afford it all. This time, however, I find myself coming up with a thousand excuses as to why I need, not just one, but 2 of these fantabulous sleeping bags!
Granted, the reason I need 2 is not just because 1 just isn't enough, but because I have 2 kiddos, and if one gets it, shouldn't the other?

And it to the list of amazing things showing up on the internet these days. Just spend 2 minutes on Cool Mom Picks and you'll know what I mean. The best part of most of this stuff (aside from PBK) is that there are MOMS MAKING IT!

It's all absoutely inspiring me. I have been knitting booties for friends' babies and even did a skirt for Roxie that's killing me it's so fun. Stay tuned.... Maybe this will turn into "Knitting Mamma".

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Heidi Hyde said...

Thank you for this link! I love it. I enjoy your blog as well by the way.