Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekends Rule!

How is it that weekends can be so short, so much fun and so healing?
This was a great weekend. I finished Harry Potter on Friday (2 days before Smate was able to finish, which was AGONIZING!). We had swim lessons on Saturday followed by brunch at one of Milo's schoolmates' house who is in the same class, which ended in her trying to hide Milo under her bed so that he wouldn't have to go home. Then family naptime (woo hoo!) and a lovely dinner with our neighbors, an amazing cook! Then Sunday was family day. Group Grocery shopping, more family naptime, bike ride/walk and swimming in the kiddie pool/hot tub that ended up being too cold!
What a great time though - we were able to have some individual time, adult-only time and tons of family time all in a span of 2 days.
I feel like there must be a way to do that more than to days a week.
Hence the wandering....
hello monday

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