Thursday, August 2, 2007

Quick Kiddo Plug

You know - I'm probably not supposed to do this. Since I'm now writing a public blog, I'm probably not supposed to plastic pics of the kiddos all over the place. But I just can't help it. They're an AWFUL lot of fun and killing me with cuteness. Plus, this is the place I'll be talking about them the most, and eventually sharing the birth stories, since they are both so different and worth writing about, in my opinion, of course.
The in-laws arrive tomorrow and SeaFair weekend is about to begin. For those who don't know about SeaFair, it's a summer-long celebration that culminates in a weekend of Blue Angels and Hydro Races. We'll be on Grandma & Grandads boat with the whole family tomorrow. It should be a fantastic day all around and I'll be sure to write about it for you.
In the meantime... enjoy!

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