Tuesday, August 14, 2007

T-Ball 2: The Missing Mitt

I messed up. Yesterday was officially a Monday. I dropped off the kids and realized that I'd forgotten the Baseball Mitts (one for Milo and the other for his friend, who is borrowing). I drove back home to search the house up and down (all three floors!) to find them and only came out of the house with 1 of 2. I had Milo's but was missing the one for his buddy.
I got totally caught up with work by the time I got there, but I finally called SM to see if he knew where the other glove was. He did - it was in his car - on the "East Side" and he has a meeting 'til 5pm. (If you've ever been to Seattle and tried to drive to or from the East Side of Lake Washington during rush hour, you'd understand that he might as well have been in Alaska.) So I remind SM that he was supposed to get home early for me so I could attend a work dinner and we're at a stale mate.
He works out his schedule so he can pick up the kids (woo hoo!) but then I still have Milo's glove in my car (boo!) so I have to leave early anyway.
Then I get stuck at work and end up being a half-hour late for T-Ball and as I finally fly into the gym I see Milo standing against the blue mat crying because he doesn't want to go into the outfield without his mitt.
Being a working Mom is tough. Constantly being pulled in opposite directions is generally bad for morale and psyche. You know how you can sit down and make those "Pro vs Con" lists for something you're having questions about? They're useless when it comes to this, it feels like the choice is money vs child(ren). Obviously it gets much deeper than that, but when you walk in late for a T-Ball game to find your son crying because he needed his Mom to bring his glove and his Mom was too busy trying to fix a slideshow...
It just doesn't add up.

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