Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the babe is 2

Yesterday Roxie turned 2 years old. I keep wondering if that's why I've been so weepy and pensive lately, it's hard to tell. It's really amazing to me that she's already 2. I really feel like (and I was just talking to a girlfriend about this today whose son is nearly 1) it was just a moment ago that we were dealing with the "aftermath" of her birth and the absolute JOLT we encountered with the addition of another child.
Having two children is incredibly difficult and BUSY. Thank goodness you get more than double the return!
Amazing what a couple years can do...

We've had quite a fun couple of days, and we haven't even had her party yet. (Note to self: Have the party BEFORE the big day rather than after... it's kind of a buzzkill this way...) We celebrated a couple other birthdays this past weekend though, so she really enjoyed that. What a blast. Her special flower balloons from Red Balloon C. again and LOVES them.

and that's what birthdays are alllllll about

until next time...

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