Friday, April 25, 2008

some days I just wanna buy EVERYTHING

It all started this morning when I was glancing through yesterday's mail and found an IKEA ad mailer. It was for kitchens, so of course, even though we already have a brand-new IKEA remodeled kitchen, I found a BUNCH OF STUFF I "NEED"! (I even had to go back and make myself add those "" around NEED... it's a sickness!)
Then I hop online to work and take a gander at all my standard RSS feeds.
More "NEED"s:
First set thanks to Cool Mom Picks

Hoodie Animal Towels

Sweeeeet Tattoo shirts that come with tattoos!

Most creative way yet to collect your child's art (which we now have a TON of and our oldest isn't even 5 yet!).

And don't even get me started about all their amazing picks for Mother's Day - too bad only the Moms read the blog!
Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Guide

Then I move on to droolicious where I find:
EXCELLENT new FLOR tiles coming available... just in time for our 2nd floor remodel.

And the diaper caddy to end all diaper changing tables!
I know my kids are getting old enough to be out of diapers soon - but for some reason I NEED that diaper caddy. We haven't even had a changing table in the house for more than 6 months - they generally become useless once your little worm starts to wiggle...

I'm sure if I read any of the "spam" I get emailed to me everyday I'll find a million other things to buy - and I better stay FAR away from Angie's blog since she's my new fashion guru goddess and I'm powerless to her commands.
I guess I'll just have to work instead...

until next time...
happy friday!

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Jerry Grasso said...

Kim and I just 'IKEA'ed' the new home office. That's the way to spend the govt. rebate check, baby!