Monday, December 10, 2007

santa and reindeer and lemurs... OH MY!

Yesterday was possibly the most idyllically wonderful chrstmas celebration day. We "braved" the early-morning snowfall and went to the highlands to the Cougar Mountain Zoo for the Reindeer Festival. It was snowing as we walked through the reindeer habitat on our way up to see Santa. Baby Bear decided he wasn't going to offer Santa any hints into what he might want for Christmas since his 5-yr-old friend had decided the same thing moments earlier. He'd already written to Santa, so Santa should already know what's on his list... sly little kiddos! The Diva was not really prepared to get handed off to a bearded guy in a big red suit, so she wasn't exactly smiling, but Baby Bear smiled away, which was nice. So then we went out to see the animals. "again tiger, again tiger" - she loved the baby bengal tigers.
The highlight, however, was not Santa, nor his reindeer, nor the crazy-loud jumping lemurs (those were SM's highlight) - it was being able to hand-feed the alpacas and elk. Too cool.
For a little zoo, it does pretty well with the 1-5yr old crowd, especially when you get there early on a snowy Sunday morning.
until next time....
we heart the Cougar Mountain Zoo!

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Happily Even After said...

I've never even heard of the Cougar Mt Zoo. Great tip! I just recently heard of the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. They've got amazing creatures made out of lights. You walk through and it's free. So you can add that to your list, too!

Thanks, Wandering Mamma, for your support...

Happily Even After,