Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the bus tunnel is ruining christmas

Seriously, what kind of computer glitches can cause a whole bus tunnel to close?
If you've ever been to Pioneer Square in Seattle, you'd know that it's a decent hike from there to the Market. This walk is no big deal, and even kind of nice in the summer. However, in the winter, it's just wet.
I celebrated and celebrated when the bus tunnel re-opened. Since I work in the Smith Tower, it's super-convenient to hop into the tunnel and one-stop to the ID, two-stops to either the Market or Pacific Place to shop or eat.
It's perfect this time of year because parking anywhere downtown is terrifying and running out at lunch is great.
But now the tunnel is closed.
I really need to get my shopping done.

until next time...
please tunnel - open up soon!!!

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Jerry Grasso said...

Now how come you haven't turned me onto this blog before, J9. I'm kinda hurt and sad on the inside.

Great Christmas card this year. We loved it!

Cheers, Jerry