Friday, January 18, 2008

you don't know what you've got...

'til it's GONE!
This week, our water heater broke.
And it didn't just break, it went down in flames.... literally. The dang old thing had a slow leak from the top of the VERY RUSTY tank. The leak eventually creeped its way into the electrical panel and with a spark and small fire, stopped working.
A funny side-story: The kids' bath on Tuesday night was a little tepid, so it was a fast one and SM went down to the basement afterwards to check out the heat issue. We're remodeling our house (new master suite... woohoo)so we figured that had something to do with it, and sure enough there was a blown fuse. So SM dutifully flipped the fuse and we all went to bed. The next morning we woke up and SM was first to shower. He came running out of the bathroom - dry and in a panic - "there's no hot water?!?!?!". We had a school tour and busy work days so we cleaned ourselves the best we could and decided to figure it out that night. After dinner SM went back down to the basement and sure enough, the fuse had blown again, so he flipped it and simultaneously sparked a stinky/scary electrical fire AND heard his 21-mo old daughter screaming bloody murder.
I've never seen a man run up the stairs so quickly.... really funny to me - quite the OPPOSITE for him.
Another very stinky/cranky/nutty day later, my wonderful father put in a new water tank and we were all taking hot showers/baths again by last night.
This morning was a normal morning. We got our showers and got dressed and by the time we were heading down for breakfast my dad arrived to continue work on the master and he said "you know, things are alot calmer this morning than yesterday". Funny - I'm pretty sure this is the #1 reason I don't camp. I psychologically and physiologically can't function without my shower. And it's obviously genetic cuz my kids can't either. ;o)

until next time....
appreciate your hot water - you'll really miss it when it's gone

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