Wednesday, January 23, 2008

talking each other off the ledge

Our little family has been going through alot lately. The diva is having real sleep issues. Baby bear was really (and still is) a good sleeper so we're in uncharted territory. She has trouble shutting down at night so we have to stay in her room until she's totally asleep or she bolts upright, howling, ready to run out of her bed/room to find us. She's a little sick, so she's waking up pretty often throughout the night (every hour from 1am on) doing the same thing: bolting upright, howling, ready to run out of her bed/room unless we get there quickly enough. More often than not, I end up sleeping on the floor next to her from about 4:30am on when it's my night.
Then, of course, there's the kindergarten ordeal that we're in the middle of right now. Plus, with all the school tours and broken water heaters, we're barely putting in any time at work - which isn't necessarily appreciated by co-workers/managers. Stress levels are incredibly high and for some reason SM and I just HAVE to be devil's advocate to each other no matter what the topic.
Today, as we chatted on the phone reviewing our FOURTH SCHOOL TOUR!?!?!?!, he said it:
"Right now we just need to keep talking each other off the ledge."
That's what it's come to.
Not enjoying each other's company, discussing politics (or anything else that's not directly family-related) or playing with our children.
We have to constantly be talked off ledges.
until next time...
please children, sleep
please Seattle Schools, let my child get into a GOOD SCHOOL

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