Tuesday, February 5, 2008

what to write about? plenty!

How is it that we have so much to do and so much going on but I still don't have anything to write? I think it's just that we're plodding along too busy to really be able to make a note of the "fun" we might actually be having.
We actually had a great weekend. Friday night was "chill" night and had the fam hangin' in the basement watching a little Ninja Warrior*.
*beware, this show is totally addictive for all ages!
Saturday we went to the grand opening of a great new kids' shop near U-Village called "Le Petit Shoppe". We scored a super-cute rocking chair for the diva and a gently-used stokke high-chair that we've been searching for. Plus the kids got babycakes just for coming with us. Then we went and got books and lunch and headed home for a little family naptime before friends came over. Saturday night we had 4, YES FOUR, sleeping children while the adults drank and played poker in the basement. Best fun in quite a loooong time - plus we were all stuck singing the same song... "on the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door...."
good times

Sunday we went for a family walk around the neighborhood so milo could get some time on his bike.
Then we watched one of the best SuperBowl games in a long time. And I'm not even a Giants fan.

Well there now... I guess I did have a little bit to write about.
Guess I'd better keep it up.
until next time...
hope it's not too long 'til then!

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