Thursday, February 28, 2008

vacation vs home

Isn't it funny? The strange feeling of vacation vs home. We just got back from a week's vacation - a day/night in Vancouver and then a few days in Whistler. On paper it sounded great, and even while we were there, it sounded just as good.
Then the sickies hit.
Roxie didn't just get sick - she really got sick. She had pink eye in BOTH eyes AND hand, foot & mouth (no - not mad cow - read about it)! So the beginning of the week was a bit tough.
Milo, in the meantime, was in three days of ski school. The first day he came out absolutely beaming. He was so excited to do it and had SUCH fun. I also think he was pretty proud of himself for doing it and that was pretty cool to see. By the third day, however, he was getting a bit sick and rundown since it was his 5th nap-free day in a row and he was staying up late because he and his friend were sharing a room and having fun doing it. By Thursday morning Milo had a fever and was looking baaaad.
We decided we'd had enough.
Vacation was hard hard work and we were heading home early.
But vacation is, after all, vacation, so we didn't go home too early. We left on Friday morning instead of Saturday morning, but somehow that extra day made all the difference in the world for us. We were all THRILLED to be going home.
Once home (after a very tough ride with M throwing up twice and R getting VERY restless by the end of the 7hours) we pretty much did a little jig! Everyone was happy and yelling and dancing and that even lasted through Saturday and into Sunday. It didn't hurt that it was a beautiful day on Saturday and we all went and played in the front yard and even did a little gardening together.
My point, and yes it's long in coming, is that it's such a strange thing to SO look forward to vacation, enjoy it for a couple days, and then start longing for home.
Maybe it's not so strange.
I guess if you have a happy home life and enjoy being there, it's only normal to want to be back, even when you're enjoying where you are.
It's also probably not so strange to wish to be back on vacation a few days after coming home - cuz life's just better when you're on vacation.
Maybe next time we'll just rent some sand and heat lamps and vacation in the guest bedroom.
until next time....

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