Friday, November 2, 2007

Cool new gift...

A new toy store opened in our neighborhood and we visited last night to buy some prezzies for the birthday parties we have this weekend. While there, we found the neatest toy.
Turns out, you go to fao schwartz and you can pay a ridiculous amount of money for a kit so that your own child can design one of these monsters. Funny enough, I found a blog entry that so far 4 of the 8 available have been designed by one kid. That's alotta money to have your kid design stuffed animals...
Anyway - it's such a cute idea and I didn't find it on cool mom picks, which is where I normally find the coolest gift ideas, so I thought I'd share.
If you were wondering, we got
"Supper Hero"

“Supper Hero is not afraid to try anything new to eat, and always tries 8 bites. He licks his plate clean! His cape is a napkin. Even monsters have manners.”
And considering baby bear's issues falling asleep lately, I think "Claws" is next!
"Claws comes out when I go to bed at night. His long fingers can reach up to turn on the lightswitch and his special eye can see in the dark so I can find the way to Mommy and Daddy’s room."
until next time... (which is hopefully sooner than the last time I posted)
have fun shopping!

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