Tuesday, November 20, 2007

those nasty nightmares

As noted yesterday, baby bear is starting to fall asleep again pretty nicely. We're still in the 9:30pm range for falling asleep, but that's a nice start.
Now we're having some more serious problems.
Yesterday, baby bear came running down the hall to our bedroom because he's had a nightmare. He told us, at dinner, what the nightmare was...
"A man was chasing him, shooting at him... but he missed. Even though I (baby bear) was running slow, he still missed."
then it got sad
"Daddy was there, I wanted him to carry me, but he just ran the other way."
Talk about a heartbreaker. What on earth do you say to that?? Well, we did the standard - "Daddy would never run away if you were in trouble" but still - it's hard to make even an adult feel better when they've been "wronged" somehow in a dream, let alone kiddos.
Last night was another nightmare. In the middle of the night baby bear woke up crying and when SM (it was his night :o) went to check on him, it turned out he'd had a nightmare about a dog with really big sharp teeth chasing him. Baby bear kept calling back for SM to check this door and that door and the other door... making sure everything was closed up.
How do you make nightmares go away?
I still haven't figured it out, so I can't even begin to try to explain them away for a 4-year old.
until next time...
sweet dreams

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