Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The drama surrounding the end of Farmer's Market Season

Last Friday, as we were driving home from school (Me driving Roxie and Milo) we took our normal wee-waddy-way home to avoid the backups, and drove by the parking lot where our local Farmer's Market was happily situated every Friday afternoon throughout the spring and summer.
I love the Farmer's Market.
I long to be just like Jennifer Garner holding my little bundle(s) of joie while I pick and choose my fruits and vegetables (that my chef will cook with) and armloads of beautiful flowers to (have my maid) decorate my beach-side abode. /dream
Every week I'd exclaim tidings of happiness at seeing the mayhem surrounding the Farmer's Market. Not only was it a magical ideal of things I wish I'd someday do, but it also signified the beloved "FRIDAY" - favorite day of the week in our house.
We stopped a few times.
We even walked down once or twice.
And then it was gone.......
Milo could hear and sense my sadness.
me: Milo, the Farmer's Market is gone!
Milo: But Mommy, where did the Farmer's Market go? When will it come back?
me: *sigh* Oh Milo, it won't be back again for a very long time. Not until next year. Oh well, we'll go again in the Spring.
Moments later..
Milo: *sniff *sniff *whimper
me: Milo! Are you crying?!?! What are you doing?!? Are you crying?!?!?
Milo: *sniff *whimper *whimper
me: OH NO! Milo, it's OK! Why are you crying?? Is it the Farmer's Market?
Milo: [full out sobbing]I WANNA GO TO THE FARMER'S MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!
By now we're home and I'm parking the car. I see one of Milo's old daycare friends, who is going to school across the street from our house, getting into his car with his Mom.
me: Milo, look it's your friend! Let's get out and say hi.
Milo: [still full out sobbing] NOOOOO I DON'T WANT TO, I just want to go straight inside..........
Luckily the other Mom reminded me that there are 2 other Farmer's Markets still functioning, one of which functions year-round.
After trying to explain that ours might be gone, but there are others that we can visit (TODAY?!?!?, no, not today) on a different day of the week, the crisis was finally under control and he was able to "face" hangin' out with his friend for a few minutes before he went home and we went inside.
I figure I have 3 more days to come up with a plan.
Otherwise... Armageddon! (yes, ben affleck movie pun intended)

until next time...
send our love to the farmers

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