Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pilates Plug, and a quick update

I started doing Pilates a few months ago. In the grand and hopefully not futile attempt to get my body back and maybe improve my abs along the way, I started with 1day/week and then moved to 2days/week. I found a place I really like: Conscious Body Pilates.
My body is already starting to change. Granted - a little aerobic exercise added into the mix would help ALOT, but setting aside 2 hours a week is near impossible as it is. Luckily I'm seeing changes, enjoying the classes, and have SM's FULL support.
That's a start.

The update: yesterday when I picked up Roxie from school (instead of crying and running at me like she normally does) she looked at me, smiled, and kept playing with her toy! I've never been so thrilled to be ignored. I know, I'll regret that soon enough and will be crying (to you) about how my baby doesn't need me anymore blah blah blah.... But for now, it's wonderful. We took our time leaving. She didn't whine (except when she wanted her take-home snack). We kept our routine intact even though we had guests for dinner. And this morning, she didn't wake up 'til 6:45am. WOOOOOT!
until next time...
sleep well

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