Monday, October 8, 2007

The last-minute babysit - why is it so strange?

This weekend we had nothing planned. Of course, that didn't fly.
We ended up having friends over Saturday and I cooked a big (for me) meal and I haven't done that in a really long time. We even babysat for a friend/neighbor while she went to a nearby appointment while her Hubby was out of town.
I know babysitting for friends is totally normal for just about everyone else in the world, but we hardly ever do any emergency (or non-emergency for that matter) babysitting for friends/neighbors. Nor do we request it. I wonder why that is.
Is it because when you live in the city you're not really supposed to get to know your neighbors? Is it because we, as parents, are all so afraid of the dangers "hovering" over our children that we don't think we can trust anyone, not even our friends? Is it because we (as upper middle class folk) are just too worried about imposing on our friends/neighbors that we can't imagine being so bold as to ask the favor of quick child care while we do something basic but important that doesn't allow children?
I thought we all knew that it literally "Takes a Village" to raise our children. We're moving into these communities where we can walk to dinner/playground/coffee etc. and hopefully get to know our neighbors on the way, except we're not really getting to know them. We're still just as disconnected as before, it just doesn't seem that way on the surface.
How do we change this? Do we just barrel ahead on our own and start the trend?
We kinda did this weekend. We had friends over, babysat, hosted dinner for folks at no notice.
love it
until next time....
babysit for your friends/neighbors, it might be fun!

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