Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ooops, the change didn't take...

SM and I got creative over the weekend and decided to muck around with Roxie's life a little bit.
After me being out of town, having a babysitter, an overnight stay with GMa and GDad and "Parent's Night Out" at daycare, we rolled Roxie's crib into Milo's room so they could sleep in the same room together. Milo loved the idea. He loves having her in there with her and not being all alone (he's afraid of the dark - I gotta buy this stuff: "Boo - Be - Gone!" - thanks to cool mom picks... again!). sorry... sidetracked
So it was a brilliant idea that backfired completely.
The first night she woke up at 5:30am, the second she woke up at 5am. We admitted defeat, put her back in her own room, and that's when she drew blood.
She woke up and screamed from 11:30pm - til - 1am. Literally. Screaming, crying, ripping out hair and not taking any names. Well... she screamed "MAMA" alot, but you know what I mean. Then, she woke up again a 5am screaming (yes, 4 hours later) and never went back to sleep.
SM and I were asleep so early last night we missed "Heroes".
Roxie had her normal routine last night. She slept 'til 6am. For now, that's all we can hope for. That and 15 more minutes a day.
please oh please
until next time...
thanks again TiVo - I can watch Heroes tonight!

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