Sunday, September 9, 2007

the end of summer is near...

Well - the end of summer is getting closer and closer.
Luckily, in the NorthWest, we generally get to enjoy a nice Indian Summer in September, and that's certainly been the case this weekend. We went out on Bella Pesche (my parents' boat) yesterday and it was pretty crowded on the lake. There was a little sailboat race going on, there were lots of boats out for the UW game, and there were TONS of waves. We shut down the motors to lunch off the beach at Magnuson and traveled quite a ways back south while we were there. It was nice though, Roxie actually laid down and took a nap and it was a nice farewell to the boat for the year, although I still hold out hope for one more ride.
I have to work today, Sunday, which is a total bummer, but necessary evil. SMate took the kids to the zoo by himself. Now THAT will be something to blog about.
until next time...
enjoy those last rays and bask in them
the rain is on its way

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