Monday, September 10, 2007

SMate, the kids, and the zoo

I had to work all day Sunday, so my fabulous SM took the kiddos to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day in Seattle, sunny - 60's/70's and they got there before the zoo opened. He said they were terrific together, all riding around in a wagon with their drinks and their snacks. They'd stop at an exhibit, hop out of the wagon, wave at the animals and then hop back in. They got there when all the animals were getting breakfast, so they all snacked together.
Milo was SO excited to tell me about the hedgehog he got to see. He's obsessed with them since he love the Sonic the Hedgehog comics so much. He decided he wanted one as a pet even though they're not very good pets. They also got stopped on one of their routes by a line of giraffes. They scared Roxie a bit, but as Milo told the story "they were on their way to their play area". Love the world through the eyes of a 4yr old.
They also got to see an area where they had owls sitting on logs all in a line. Roxie is totally loving owls right now so SM said she went wild for it. Even came home with her own little stuffed owl.
The heartbreaker to all of this is SM said that on the way into the zoo from the parking lot, he held Milo's hand and Milo held Roxie's hand and they all walked in together... holding hands.
And I missed it.
until next time....
the times they are a changin

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