Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall is here... and with it comes the fall TV LINEUP!

I was just reading a post on Seattle Mom Blogs and it inspired me.
SM and I spent the last two nights trying to work out all the shows we need to TiVo/DVR this season. We always start with a pretty wide net, and the first few weeks of Sept/Oct are spent auditing all the new shows. Considering our available TV watching time, shows get cut back pretty quickly.
So far so good, we've only watched a couple though. Which brings up the question - WHY aren't there any decent shows on TUESDAYS???!!! What's up with that? We were so excited to watch some new fall tv last night and ended up watching Dancing With the Stars. I mean, it's ok every once in a while, but sheesh!
Tonight - Bionic Woman! Can't wait. This summer was spent catching up on 3 seasons' worth of Battlestar Gallactica and it'll be cool to see Starbuck in a new role. Man I hope this show is good - we need another good strong female-led show now that Alias is off the air.
I'm also going to turn this post into a total RANT about the new Comcast DVR setup. It's possibly the absolute WORST UI that has ever gotten through to the public. Choosing shows to start recording is nearly impossible. After SM said "did they even test this with a HUMAN BEING before they released it?!?" for the 3rd time, I took over. With no luck. We both work in the technology industry. He works with Mobile Devices at The Evil Empire and I'm a Web Developer for The Mouse. We've done this before. We've had a TiVo for 5 years.
I don't hate much in this life - I have a pretty easy, sheltered, happy life.
I hate Comcast and their DVR UI.
We might just have to shell out for the new HD TiVo just to preserve our sanity.

OK, deep cleansing breath...
Let's hope for some good shows this season!!
and since the Mariners have just been mathematically eliminated from post-season play... GO SEAHAWKS!

until next time...

I heart TiVo!!!!

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Anonymous said...

i too HATE the new comcast dvr update. the old one had some bugs but this "new" release is TERRIBLE. I'm not sure the developers ever used DVR in their life nor have they ever watched TV.