Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My "Team Captain"

I had a true "proud mamma" moment last night.
We had a T-Ball Banquet last night - kind of an "end of the season bash". Our Coach brought food, drinks and even a T-Ball cake - it was great. She also blew up a bunch of balloons and the kids ran around for pretty much the full hour throwing the balloons into the air and into the fan to watch them blow all around the room.
That's not the "proud" part, however.
At the end of the banquet she passed out awards. Yes, one month of T-Ball at the Community Center with the most patient, nice coach, and she ALSO gave a different award to each kid that played. She got up front and told a story of why she chose each award for each particular child. There were a few that didn't make it to the banquet, so just before she gave out the last award (and no, Milo hadn't gotten his yet) she went through and announced the awards for those who weren't there. Milo was getting nervous - "why I don't get an award? why am I last?" etc.
I'm tearing up already... he got the "Team Captain" award!
Paraphrasing because I was so excited for him that I forgot to really listen - "He was always ready to go and was ready to play any position I gave him and..." well, I have a terrible memory. But he was so excited, he RAN up to the front, got his award and then RAN right back to the table shouting "thank you!" over his shoulder because I reminded him to.
Well, no more T-Ball 'til next year, and the classes during the week were a little tough, so we're going to sign up for swim lessons (or try to) for next session. But, soccer starts early next year, so we just might have to give that a shot.
'til next time
- Team Captain's Mom

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